Our company, Southpoint Printing Products, was created to be a full service supplier:

Toner Savings

Toner supplies can be a business's most expensive office expenditure. The core of our business is wholesaling Toner Supply in order to significantly reduce the cost of our customers' office supply budget. We offer virtually all brands of toner, from Apple to Xerox and all cartridges in between. We sell both compatible and OEM products. We will educate you on the different products available to help you decide which best suits the printing needs of the company.

Printer Purchase Knowledge and Savings

We can help give you the knowledge to decide which printers to purchase for the size and scope of your company and printing output.

We can assist with the following options:

  • Purchasing new printers
  • Purchasing a refurbished printer
  • Upgrading to a new printer system
  • Repairing an existing printer

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not require long term contracts with our services

We deal with real costs, real savings without contracts and wasted pennies.

Printer Parts and Repair

A dysfunctional printer can instantly cause inefficiencies or down time in business. Our repair service will get a printer up and running again. At Southpoint Printing Products, our repair service is free. Yes free. If your printer is using our toner, we will only charge for parts but not labor**. Even with the free repair service, we do not require contracts on our printer services...unlike most of our competitors!

** Sometimes a printer has outlived its functional capacity and needs to be replaced. In this case we will assist in finding the best possible price on a new printer. Also, there have been rare cases where a complex network system may be compromised by the printer repair service and the IT personnel would be responsible for the repairs.

And since we service both toner and printer needs, we eliminate the blame came between the repair being the responsibility of the printer manufacturer verses the toner producer or the service tech.

For repair requests, call 843.478.2050 or complete the service request form on the right-hand side of this page.

Inventory Management

Southpoint Products is there to manage your supply based on volume. We understand that most businesses have a limited storage space but do not want to run out of toner in the middle of a business day. We can assess the printing output so that we can get new toner in before the printers run dry, and without wasting ink.

We also pick up old toner cartridges for recycling. We do this on a revolving schedule, without extra effort on the part of the customer.